Reliable Chimney Cleaning & Repair

Make sure your home is safe from fire hazards with chimney cleaning and repair from the experts at Sixpenny Chimney Services in Woodbridge, Virginia. Our company provides the services you need to maintain a clean and safe home.

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Chimney Cleaning & Repair

If there is a problem, we'll take care of it. First, we will visit your location to provide a free estimate. If you have already had a chimney company come out and give an estimate, please call us for a second estimate or opinion on what could be wrong. We clean the chimney in the traditional manner useing rods and brushes, complete with a 21 point inspection report.

Brick chimneys require routine maintenance including the concrete or brickwork. Even if it has been converted to gas from wood, the chimney is still exposed to weather, and concrete can become chipped or water damaged. It is important to take care of your chimney before there is a serious problem.

A chimney cap protects the inside of the chimney from water and animals, but often times it may get blown off, or it may need to be replaced due to age. Additionally, it needs to be stainless steel so as
not to rust.

Our company provides animal removal for critters that may have gotten into those chimneys without caps. Pre-fabricated chimneys are mostly in newer homes, and require different types of maintenance or repair than brick. They contain a metal cap or chase cover that also needs to be inspected from time to time for rust and general wear and tear. If general maintenance is not done on your pre-fabricated chinmey and chase cover, rust will worsen over time and cause cracking of the chase cover. Once this happen, you can have water coming through and leaking into your home.

Traditional Services

Our experts also provide traditional cleaning services, using rods and brushes that snap together to reach all the way up the inside of the flue. We then go to the outside of the chimney to make sure the top is in good shape. We always put down a drop cloth to avoid making a mess. A chimney-vac is run to collect all the soot and debris as the chimney is being swept. The process takes 20 to 45 minutes, and we even inspect inside for any deterioration, providing a 21-point condition report.

The build up of creosote in your chimney is a fire hazard if not cleaned properly. It can ignite and actually cause a chimney fire. Once your liner is cracked, it is a fire hazard and will need to be relined. During our inspection, we evaluate the condition of your liner. If any repairs are needed, we will advise you. If you have a wood-stove insert, we slide it out and clean inside, just like a regular chimney cleaning. Freestanding wood stoves have a pipe that needs to be cleaned as well, and this is no problem for our experts.

A Fantastic Furnace

Your furnace flue needs to be inspected and cleaned, depending on what kind of fuel is being used. If you smell something unusual, the flue may be partially blocked, and emitting toxic fumes. If you are experiencing this, please call and schedule an inspection of your furnace flue immediately as these fumes can be deadly.

Contact us in Woodbridge, Virginia, to keep a clean and safe home with chimney cleaning and repair from our company.